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Enhanced surround sound system for gamers

Razer Surround is a great option for any serious gamer who has been looking for superior audio effects, highly customisable settings and an immersive overall experience. This download can work with any set of modern stereo headphones and the use of advanced algorithms provides accurate and cutting-edge audio reproductions that will enhance the appeal of any game.

Primary Uses and Functionality

Razer Surround 7.1 provides users with an entirely personalised experience as opposed to the 'one-size-fits-all' approach often taken by generic options. One very intuitive feature of this software is that it allows the user to take seemingly unimportant variables into account such as the time of the day and even audio time delays. These and other fields can then be tweaked in order to suit entirely demanding requirements. Before any of these adjustments are saved, listening tests are provided to make certain that the output is suitable.

Additional Features

Razer Surround allows users to save all of their calibrations within a cloud environment. So, they can even be accessed while out and about such as when playing a game at a local Internet cafe. Please note that while the basic version provides several unique options, Surround Pro offers access to additional tools such as eleven preset equaliser settings and the ability to adjust voice communications.


  • There are two different versions to choose from.
  • Users can access a host of audio tools with the click of a button.


  • Access to more advanced features requires a paid download.
  • Not compatible with Apple devices.

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