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Free surround sound for headphones

Razer 7.1 Surround Sound is a free customizable software program for headsets. Gamers use Razer Surround because they can calibrate the audio to create a personalized virtual surround sound environment for an added advantage while playing games. The freeware is compatible with Microsoft Windows PC computers and laptops on Windows 10 64-bit operating systems.

Is Razer Surround free?

The Razer Surround app is available as a free download for PCs. There is a Pro version that you can buy that will give you a more immersive listening and gaming experience. If you unlock the paid edition, then you will get detailed calibration, audio configuration, etc.

You can buy Razer Pro by clicking on the ‘Unlock Surround Pro’ button in the ‘Surround’ tab of the user interface. Both the free and paid releases work with any headphones.

Is Razer Surround good?

The lightweight product features a modern user interface that is easy to use. You do not need to use a USB cord to connect your preferred stereo headphones, earbuds, etc. Razer Surround takes data on where noises are coming from to influence the sounds and make the headphones feel like a complete surround sound stereo system.

Razer Surround lets you calibrate the audio to be as directionally accurate as possible. You can accomplish the calibration process by going through a simple set up that has you pay attention to sounds and tell the system which directions you think that they are coming from.

You will receive a personalized profile based on the information that you gave to the system driver. Razer Surround will use this data to control different factors to give you a sense of which direction each sound is coming from during games. The configuration can deliver more insight into the exact position of another player.

Razer Surround is portable because all of your info is saved to the Razer Synapse cloud storage system. You can access your account from different devices and locations through the cloud-based service.

How do I install Razer Surround?

The Razer Surround installer will appear after you press the download button in your browser. You will need to accept the terms before you can continue further with the installation process. A loading bar will display the progress. The first step after program installation is to create an account with your email and password.

You can press the ‘Create Account’ button to register. The account lets toy log in to your profile from different devices. There are four main tabs within the user interface: ‘Surround’, ‘Settings’, ‘Enhancements’, and ‘EQ’. You can pick your audio interface and headset preferences from the dropdown menus in ‘Settings’.

The system will show you an image for each headset profile in the dropdown menu beneath ‘Optimized for’. While the list mostly comprised headphones made by the Razer development team, you can still use any headphone with the application: ‘Stereo Headphone’. If you want to use the enhancement or equalizer features, then you will need to buy the Pro edition.

The ‘Enhancement’ tab lets you select and deselect certain criteria: ‘Stereo Enhancement’, ‘Bass Boost’, ‘Sound Normalization’, and ‘Voice Clarity’. There are bars that you can move the lever on to further adjust the sound quality. You can modify the Hz levels in the ‘EQ’ tab with the Pro version.

The top spatial audio programs

Boom 3D and Dolby Atmos are alternative surround solutions that you can download and install. Boom 3D is cross-platform and compatible with Windows PC and Mac devices. You can use Dolby Atmos on PC and Xbox systems. While Razer Surround is primarily made for headsets, Boom 3D and Dolby Atmos can be used with headphones and speakers.

While Boom 3D is the best software for an immersive listening experience, the platform is trialware. You can use Boom 3D for a limited time before you will need to pay for the service. Boom 3D can calibrate your audio system automatically.

Powerful surround sound technology

Razer Surround lets you configure game audio to your personal preference to give you an advantage above players that do not use spatial audio tech. The system will deliver calibrations to check your hearing and map your preferences based on the results.

What’s new?

Razer Surround will deliver software update notifications directly on the user interface. The platform is updated on a consistent basis.


  • Simple setup
  • User-friendly UI
  • Pairs with any headset
  • Customized user experience


  • Not cross-platform
  • Has occasional delays

Program available in other languages

Razer Surround for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V
  • 3.6

  • Security Status

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